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Hi Rashmi!
I had to text you – i am just back from my honeymoon and still waiting for printed photos to send you but i had an absolutely amazing time wearing that dress, and more compliments than you could shake a stick at! Someone said it was breathtaking, i’ve been told i looked like a princess, an angel, a million dollars and it was all your handiwork! Thank you once again so much, you’ll be pleased to know i’ve now had 3 days wear from it – the wedding day, the day after lounging by the pool and then all day sunday at the big chill festival. I had so many people wanting to come and take photos and talk about the dress so am over the moon.
I will definitely come and deliver the photos in person so you can see all my wedding album! I hope you had a good trip x

Dear Rashmi!
I hope this finds you well. I had to get these in the post to you so you could see the dress in action asap!
I have been overwhelmed by the amount of flattering comments I’ve had about ‘the dress’ – one person said they were speechless when they saw me walk down the aisle. I’ve worn the dress 3 more times since the wedding – since the actual day because I love because I love being in it SO MUCH.

Thank you so much for helping me become Mrs. Spooner in the dress of my dreams. You have an incredible talent!